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***COVID-19 Update***

  • The following guidelines supersede any of our traditional rules for basketball. We have made adjustments to promote safe participation while minimizing the impact of these changes to the in-game experience. 
  • Members MUST wear a mask when entering and exiting any facility. Once they reach the gym to start playing, they may remove their mask. 
  • All players must be listed on the team roster to participate, no exception. The online roster may include no more than 8 players and subs. This rule allows our leagues to adhere to provincial guidelines dictating that division sizes cannot contain more than 50 total participants. 
  • Please review the location details in your schedule for site-specific guidelines.
  • Please keep in mind that we are all responsible to make every effort to minimize prolonged or deliberate contact between players.
  • While standings will still appear in your schedule, there is significantly less focus being placed on winning and championships. New teams may be added and teams may be removed throughout the season for health and safety reasons. 
  • At this time masks are not mandatory during gameplay. Masks are mandatory to access any indoor portion of the facility. We encourage players to wear masks to and from the courts to help reduce your risk of exposure.
  • Subs maintain a 2-meter distance from one another along their side of the court.
  • Teams should come with multiple usable game balls each and sanitizer or wipes for players to clean the balls.
  • Balls swapped out at stoppages or turnovers for sanitation. 
  • Every effort should be made during gameplay to limit any prolonged physical contact with your opponents. 
  • Deliberate contact should be avoided with the understanding that we are playing with a reduced level of intensity. 
  • Do not share equipment and do not touch other player's belongings including water bottles, towels etc.
  • Players are encouraged to follow the 2-meter social distancing guidelines when possible during play.
  • No post-game handshakes. Please acknowledge your opponents with an overhead clap
  • Teams are responsible for administering and addressing their own first aid needs. Our League Ambassadors can call 911 if requested to do so.
  • Please take all of your belongings at the end of the session including any used PPE.
  • NO SPECTATORS allowed.


Basketball - Men’s 4's (Officiated)

There is only one format of Men’s Basketball under JAM and Nation Leagues rules. It is described in its entirety below.


Game Time

All Basketball games are approximately 40 minutes in length, including two (2) 20-minute halves and a 2-minute halftime. Please arrive early to ensure you get the full use of your allotted court time. Regardless of when your game begins your game will always end on time to allow the succeeding games to begin at their scheduled time.

Time Keeping: The on-site Nation Leagues and JAM scorekeeper and official will be keeping track of time and the score. Please refer to the on-site score clock to see the remaining time in each half.

  • Games are 2 x 20-minute halves.
  • Time is stopped during free throws.
  • Game will be stop time in the last 2 minutes if the game is within 8 points.

Defaults: A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 10 minutes after the official start time. A team must have a minimum of 4 people. Defaults are beyond the control of the league, and there will be no refunds for defaults.

Timeouts: Teams are allowed 1 timeout per half (and unused timeouts do not carry over to the 2nd half). Timeouts are 30 seconds in length. Any player on or off the court is eligible to call a timeout, as long as all other FIBA requirements for calling a timeout are met (i.e dead ball, possession)



Teams are comprised of four (4) players on the court at once.

Defaults: A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 10 minutes after the official start time. A team must have a minimum of 4 people. Defaults are beyond the control of the league, and there will be no refunds for defaults.


Playing Area

For all formats of Nation Leagues and JAM Basketball, the net and court will always be set up for you when you arrive. All gymnasiums will vary in size, so the dimensions of the playing area will vary per location.

Last game of the night must change and leave ASAP, due to time restraints with the school permit.


Equipment/Set Up

For all basketball leagues, Nation Leagues and JAM basketballs will be available on site.

Whether you use a Nation Leagues or JAM provided ball or a personal one, the final determination should be made the team captains and official prior to the start of the match. Both captains and the official must agree on which ball they choose to use for their match. If no consensus can be made then teams will use a provided JAM or Nation Leagues basketball.



Teams are required to bring both light and coloured shirts to every game. Team colours are posted on the JAM website in your schedule. If two teams have the same colour the team captains should contact each other to ensure that each team knows what colour to wear.

Defaults: There is no default for players that don’t wear the right colour. However, that player must do everything they can to ensure it’s not confusing for the opposition. Whether this means wearing a pinny, a hat, a teammate’s shirt, etc. Under no circumstances can a player purposefully deceive the opposition.

Uniforms with #'s are NOT mandatory. However, since statistics are being kept for your team, we strongly recommend that you wear shirts with #s so that specific players can be identified with accuracy. 


Basketball 101

Main Rules of the Game (For the most part, FIBA rules will be used: - however, the following exceptions apply):

  • Foul shots are live "off the release", as opposed to "off the rim"
  • A team will be in a "bonus" situation (one automatic foul shots, regardless of the type of foul) when their opponents have 7 fouls or more in one half. 
  • A team will be in a "double bonus" situation (two automatic foul shots, regardless of the type of foul) when their opponents have 10 fouls or more in one half. 
  • Standard federation key will be used (no trapezoid).
  • Dunking is permitted, but please DO NOT HANG ON THE RIM.
  • 5 individual fouls will result in that player being ejected for the remainder of that game.
  • 2 technical fouls to the same player will also result in that player being ejected for the remainder of that game and further disciplinary action will be considered. 
  • Any player on or off the court is eligible to call a timeout, as long as all other FIBA requirements for calling a timeout are met (i.e dead ball, possession)



  • This league is officiated. However, sportsmanship is key and an integral part of the league
  • Abusive language toward other players/ the officials will result in ejection from the game for the evening and you will be asked to leave the gym and possibly ejected from the league without refund.
  • Even though there are referees, players must govern their own teams to ensure the experience of everyone in the league is as enjoyable as possible.
  • Regular season games will be officiated by one referee.
  • Referees always do their best to be ready in advance of each game. In the rare event that referees are late/absent, teams are asked to go ahead and play their game and the results will be used towards the standings. If this happens, it is expected that all players' will do their best to create a safe and fun environment for all participants. The league will investigate and follow up with team captains as necessary.


Nation Leagues and JAM Rules and Exceptions

Code of Conduct (outside of the game)

  • No cigarettes/ alcohol/drugs on school property. This may lead to elimination from the league with no refund.
  • Please throw out / recycle your garbage and do your part to create a safe playing environment.
  • Never jam open any door into the school
  • Enter and exit the school through the designated areas only.


Code of Conduct (during the game)

  • No jewellery while playing
  • Designated team captains should be the only ones to address the referee.
  • All plays start and stop on the referee's whistle
  • No (arguing, questioning, commenting, abusive behaviour directed) to the referee during or after a game. 


Regular Season Matches

Games can end in a tie. There is no overtime during the regular season.


Playoffs Eligibility and Tiebreak

There must be a winner in a playoff match. In the event that the match ends in a tie, teams will partake in the following tie-breaker until a winner is determined:

  • In the playoffs, a game that is tied at the end of regulation time is decided by a two-minute stop-time overtime period. If still tied after the two-minute period, any additional overtime periods will be one-minute stop time.

A player must play 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.


Rough Play

Any rough or physical play will result in immediate expulsion from further league play and may result in a lifetime league expulsion. Please see the JAM General Policy for our official guidelines on this subject. It is recognized that incidental contact between players is inevitable; however, all players should go out of their way to avoid creating an unsafe play.  This rule supersedes all others. 

Please note that on-site staff and officials have full autonomy when supervising games. Games may be stopped entirely, players may be asked to leave the playing area or be removed from the game entirely under their discretion.



There are absolutely no alcoholic beverages permitted on JAM or Nation Leagues property. Any offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. No exceptions.