Keep Playing

Are you the kind of person who wants to stay active, have fun and meet new people or hang out with lifelong friends? Then JAM is for you!

JAM is Toronto's best provider of adult sports leagues and events. Think of us as intramural sports leagues for people working 9-5: you may not be in college or university anymore, but the fun doesn't have to stop.

Are you the "general manager" of your social circle? Then sign up a full team so you can build a franchise of sports dominance! If you are a "free agent" and want to get on a squad, don't worry: you can register as an individual and we will get you set up with your new best friends!

We have sports leagues that run year-round, 7 days a week, and have something for everyone. Feast your eyes on these great sports options: Basketball, Bar Sports, Bowling, Curling, Dodgeball, Fitness Classes, Indoor Flag Football, Outdoor Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Golf, Ice Hockey, Kickball, Paddling, Rowing, Sailing, Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer, 3 Pitch Softball Indoor, 3 Pitch Softball Outdoor, Slopitch Softball, Spikeball, Squash, Tennis, Indoor Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Beach Volleyball, Court Volleyball, and Innertube Waterpolo.

We may not have all of these sports at all clubs, but rest assured our team of big league organizers is always on the hunt to provide you and your friends the most options with the most fun. Many of these sports are offered in mixed gender, single gender, and officiated or self-officiated formats. You can keep it chill, or go for the 9-5 pro thrill!

So, are you ready to keep playing and having fun? If your answer is "yes," then the JAM community is for you. We are excited to have you be a part of our vision to keep 1 million people active and having fun!

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