Greenwood Park - Diamond #2

Address: 150 Greenwood Ave (Gerrard & Greenwood)

No map is currently available for this location.

Description: Diamond #2 is the north diamond. Street parking available. To turn on the lights, go to the main building just to the north of the diamond (Note: not the shed directly beside the dugout). Along the east wall, there are two doors; the box that controls the lights is just to the right of the right-most door. The key is located in a small lockbox attached to the window grate just to the left of the door. The combo is 0-7-8-1. Please return the key after turning on the lights.


  • Venues may have multiple courts/fields. Additional layout maps may be provided for these below.
  • The majority of outdoor venues often do not have bathrooms. Make sure you go before your game!
  • There is no smoking at any JAM playing venues!

For facility problems (locked door, missing equipment, unreasonable caretakers), call 416-781-4263.

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