National Beach Centre - Court 1

Address: 75 Carl Hall Road (north of Wilson Avenue, east of Keele St. (Downsview Park))

No map is currently available for this location.

Description: To get to the National Beach Centre from Carl Hall Road, turn right immediately after passing the train tracks. Make your first left, and the court entrance and parking will be along The Hangar building on the right-hand side. Look for big blue sign with the #3. Enter through the green double doors (TSSC sign on door) on the North side. Court #1 is the first court on your left, followed by Court #2 and Court #3. Change rooms are down the hall directly across from court #2 (red doors).


  • Venues may have multiple courts/fields. Additional layout maps may be provided for these below.
  • The majority of outdoor venues often do not have bathrooms. Make sure you go before your game!
  • There is no smoking at any JAM playing venues!

For facility problems (locked door, missing equipment, unreasonable caretakers), call 416-768-4357

Help phone hours:
  • Mondays - Fridays 5PM-9PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays noon-6PM
  • This line is not answered during 9AM-5PM
  • Please do not call this line for any other issues other than facility-related ones