John Wanless Gymnasium

Address: 245 Fairlawn Ave (east of Avenue Rd, north of Lawrence Avenue West)

No map is currently available for this location.

Description: There is no parking lot at this school, but there is plenty of neighbourhood parking.

Indoor Leagues: Enter through the main doors on the north side of the school - the gym is directly ahead, and down a few stairs. Please leave the gym as you find it - put benches back where you find them and pick up waterbottles and any other garbage when you leave.


  • Venues may have multiple courts/fields. Additional layout maps may be provided for these below.
  • The majority of outdoor venues often do not have bathrooms. Make sure you go before your game!
  • There is no smoking at any JAM playing venues!

For facility problems (locked door, missing equipment, unreasonable caretakers), call 416-768-4357

Help phone hours:
  • Mondays - Fridays 5PM-9PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays noon-6PM
  • This line is not answered during 9AM-5PM
  • Please do not call this line for any other issues other than facility-related ones

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