Polson Pier Court #1

Address: 176 Cherry Street (west off of Cherry St, south of Lakeshore Blvd.)

No map is currently available for this location.

Description: Polson Pier entrance is located on the west side of Cherry St. just south of Polson St. by the drive-in theatre. Parking is located in the first parking lot on the right. Enter Polson Pier's facility through "Spike's" clubhouse and proceed on foot across the complex to get to the volleyball courts. The Beach Volleyball courts are just northeast of the Dome. Important: Please be sure to use the outdoor showers labeled on the facility map when rinsing off sand after your game has been played. JAM members should NOT be using the Spikes washroom to wash off sand.


  • Venues may have multiple courts/fields. Additional layout maps may be provided for these below.
  • The majority of outdoor venues often do not have bathrooms. Make sure you go before your game!
  • There is no smoking at any JAM playing venues!

For facility problems (locked door, missing equipment, unreasonable caretakers), call 416-781-4263.

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